former and present students, with links to their thesis when available


  1. CurrentJacopo Marcheselli, PhD thesis on nano-plasmonics.
  2. CurrentMariami Rusishvili, PhD thesis on the color optical properties of anthocyanins in solution.
  3. CurrentLoris Ercole, PhD thesis on Green-Kubo / Car-Parrinello simulations of thermal transport in amorphous systems.
  4. CurrentRiccardo Bertossa, Master thesis on Green-Kubo simulation of heat transport in binary liquids, University of Trieste.
  5. 2016Tommaso GorniSpin-fluctuation spectra in magnetic systems: a novel approach based on TDDFT.
  6. 2014Francesco Naccarato, Master thesis on Simulazione numerica di eccitazione di plasma in materiali, University of Trieste.
  7. 2014Aris Marcolongo, Theory and ab initio simulation of atomic heat transport, co-supervised by Paolo Umari.
  8. 2013Ge Xiaochuan, Seeing Colors with Time Dependent Density Functional Theory, co-supervised by Arrigo Calzolari.
  9. 2012Jiawei Xian, Electronic properties of gold nanoclusters from GW calculationss, co-supervised by Paolo Umari.
  10. 2011Giuseppe Carleo, Spectral and dynamical properties of strongly correlated systems, co-supervised by Federico Becca and Saverio Moroni.
  11. 2009Tatjana ŠkrbićDynamics of doped 4He and 3He clusters from reptation quantum Monte Carlo, co-supervised by Saverio Moroni.
  12. 2007Adriano Mosca ConteQuantum mechanical modeling of nano magnetism: new tools based on Density-Functional theory with case applications to solids, surfaces, wires, and molecules, co-supervised by Stefano Fabris.
  13. 2007Dario RoccaTime-Dependent Density Functional Perturbation Theory New algorithms with applications to molecular spectra, co-supervised by Ralph Gebauer.
  14. 2007Antonio SurianoQuantum mechanical modeling of the chemical reactivity of metal surfaces: two case studies involving water formation and dissociation.
  15. 2006Stefano PaoliniRotational dynamics of molecular impurities of solvated 4He clusters: a computational study based on reptation quantum Monte Carlo, co-supervised by Saverio Moroni.
  16. 2005Carlo SbracciaComputer Simulation of Thermally Activated Processes, co-supervised by Pierluigi Silvestrelli.
  17. 2000Gabriele CiprianiAb-initio study of oxygen adsorption on selected transition metal surfaces , co-supervised by Andrea Dal Corso and Stefano de Gironcoli.
  18. 1999Ralph Gebauer (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon), PhD thesis on: New methods for the ab-initio calculation  of the static and dynamical properties of magnetic materials. Ralph Gebauer is now permanent research staff member at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste.
  19. 1997Dario AlfèFirst Principles Study of Two Rhodium Surfaces upon Carbon-Monoxide and Oxygen Adsorption. Dario Alfé is now full professor of physics at University College London.
  20. 1997Alice RuiniDynamical Charges at Surfaces and Interfaces: Their Role in the Schottky Barrier Problem, co-supervised by Raffaele Resta. Alice Ruini is now associate professor at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
  21. 1997Antonino Marco SaittaTheoretical study of the structural, thermodynamic and electronic properties of quaternary semiconductor alloy: (Zn,Mg)(S,Se), co-supervised by Stefano de Gironcoli. Marco Saitta is now full professor of physics and deputy dean of the department of physics at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.
  22. 1995Claudia BungaroDynamical Properties of Clean and H-covered W(110) Surfaces, co-supervised by Stefano de Gironcoli.
  23. 1995Alberto Debernardi, Anharmonic Properties of Semiconductors from Density Functional Perturbation Theory. Alberto Debernardi is now senior research associate at the Institute of Microelectronics and Microsystems of the Italian CNR.
  24. 1995Barbara Montanari (Università di Modena), Master thesis on: Allineamenti di banda all’interfaccia InAs/GaSb: uno studio da principi primi.
  25. 1994Matteo Ceccarelli (Università di Cagliari), Master thesis on: Tecniche di simulazione numerica per lo studio di macromolecole organiche; (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon,  2001), PhD thesis on: Le transfert primaire d’electron das un centre réactionnel photosynthétique  bactérien  etudié par simulation moléculaire. Both works were co-supervised by Massimo Marchi. Matteo Ceccarelli is now associate professor of biophysics at the University of Cagliari.
  26. 1993Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, Phonon softening and high-pressure low-simmetry phases of cesium halides from first-principles techniques. Marco Buongiorno Nardelli is now full professor of physics at the University of North Texas.
  27. 1993Andrea Dal CorsoDensity Functional Theory beyond the Pseudopotential Local Density Approach: a Few Cases Studies, co-supervised by Raffaele Resta. Andrea Dal Corso is now associate professor of physics at SISSA.
  28. 1993Alberto Franceschetti, Density-functional theory without orbitals: a path towards very large scale electronic structure calculations.
  29. 1992Pier Luigi SilvestrelliAuxiliary field quantum Monte Carlo for systems with repusive Coulomb interactions, cosupervised by Roberto Car. Pier Luigi Silvestrelli is now associate professor of physics at the University of Padua.
  30. 1992Nicola Marzari (Università di Trieste), Master thesis on: Studio teorico da principi primi delle proprietà strutturali e termodinamiche della lega GaxIn1-xP, co-supervised by Alfonso Baldereschi. Nicola Marzari is now full professor of Materials Sciences at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.
  31. 1991Pasquale PavoneLattice Dynamics of Semiconductors from Density-Functional Perturbation Theory. Pasquale Pavone is now senior research associate the Humboldt University in Berlin.
  32. 1989Maria Peressi, Energy-band discontinuities at lattice-matched semiconductor heterojunctions, co-supervised by Alfonso Baldereschi. Maria Peressi is now associate professor of physics at the University of Trieste.
  33. 1989Sandro SorellaA novel technique for the simulation of interacting fermion systemsco-supervised by Roberto Car, Michele Parrinello, and Erio Tosatti. Sandro Sorella is now full professor of physics at SISSA.
  34. 1989Stefano de Gironcoli (Università di Trieste), Master thesis on Proprietà piezoelettriche dei semiconduttori binari III-V, co-supervised by Alfonso Baldereschi; Stefano de Gironcoli is now full professor of physics at SISSA.
  35. 1985Roberto Siagri (Università di Trieste), Master thesis, co-supervised by Alfonso Baldereschi. Roberto Siagri is now President and CEO of the Eurotech company.
  36. 1982Eda Tuncel (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Master thesis on: Calcul des affinités éléctroniques atomiques dans differents schemas à densité locale, co-supervised by Antonio Quattropani.